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alice in chains appreciation thread

willy_wanker 89 days ago

B__DAWG 89 days ago
not really a band i'm into

toxicnacho 89 days ago
Facelift is a 10/10 record.

lordzedd 89 days ago
Love them man but I will admit they could be one of the most boring bands ever...their post Staley stuff is a snoozefest for me but Jerry Cantrell is a tight song writer...

lurkcity 89 days ago
with or without greg?

willy_wanker 89 days ago
greg who

lurkcity 89 days ago

Get_Some 89 days ago
Dirt is an amazing record. Depressing and dark as f*ck. Plus, their Unplugged set was really good.

NorthFromHere 89 days ago
From what I've seen Jerry solo is better with Greg playing the Layne role than the current incarnation of AiC with DuVall playing that role. The Layne era material is great but I've burned out listening to it.