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you wanna hear the cds i bought yestertday?

B__DAWG 65 days ago
just let me know

easyhateoven 65 days ago

Jimmyfloyd 65 days ago
Hear or hear about? Please advise

lurkcity 65 days ago
sure bull

simon_belmont 65 days ago
Yes, but you're gonna have to turn the volume up pretty high

PoultryInMotion 64 days ago
Are you gonna tell us?

PenicillinTrapdoor 64 days ago
it's probably a bunch of super cool stuff I've never heard of

B__DAWG 64 days ago
it's mostly hipster stuff

simon_belmont 64 days ago
Lambgoat resident hipster here

B__DAWG 64 days ago
isis - wavering radiant isis - mosquito control hammers of misfortune - dead revolution robyn hitchcock & the egyptians - elements of light julian cope - peggy suicide ornette coleman - at the golden cirlce, vol. 1 bill frisell - disfarmer

B__DAWG 64 days ago
i got the very first and the very last Isis releases. how about that?

jimbo 64 days ago
what's the brutal, crushing metal cd out of all of those? I'll check that one out

PenicillinTrapdoor 64 days ago
I somehow never really got into Isis. I wasn't into stuff like that at the time I first heard them and then I just never went back to them.

jimbo 64 days ago
the most*

B__DAWG 64 days ago
mosquito controls pretty heavy