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USA vs England

Jimmyfloyd 73 days ago
A thread for all 0 of you who care. England 3-0

simon_belmont 73 days ago

Jimmyfloyd 73 days ago

jimbo 73 days ago
f*ck outta here with that gay soccer shit

B__DAWG 73 days ago
Yeah soccer's for f*cking idiots

B__DAWG 73 days ago
I guarantee lurk likes soccer, or at least pretends to. He goes down to the "pub" and watches it with his "mates"

simon_belmont 73 days ago
During the last World Cup-or maybe it was one before, I don't know-I was selling beer and was going to these "soccer bars" that were packed in the middle of the day. It was weird. Who the f*ck likes soccer?

easyhateoven 73 days ago
no care. no watch

simon_belmont 73 days ago
I knew a British guy who liked soccer. That's acceptable I guess. He called it "footie." What a doofus

VodkaVeins 73 days ago
I know probably a dozen hardcore soccer nerds. I dont pay attention to sports in general but soccer is the one that i cant even feign interest in while hangin' out with the boys

lurkcity 73 days ago
games shouldnt end in a tie

Jimmyfloyd 73 days ago
Ended in a 0-0 draw. All of you watched it. Don't lie.

PoultryInMotion 72 days ago
"The World Cup has arrived, so if yoy're wondering why your local bar smells it's because of all the dirty foreigners"

easyhateoven 72 days ago
soccer is made up

rick_tocchet 72 days ago
Boring f@g sport that f*cking sucks