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Death Live in LA

rick_tocchet 65 days ago
Absolutely sick as f*ck

easyhateoven 65 days ago
hell yeah

simon_belmont 65 days ago
Good one

Thx brother 🍸🍸 I'm gonna rock out to this tomorrow at work and get shit done right!

B__DAWG 65 days ago
decent band

B__DAWG 65 days ago
his vocals sound pretty crappy here, but he's shredding up a storm, which i enjoy

Dude knew how to party!!

rick_tocchet 64 days ago
It was an awesome set. I kind of like his vocals on this. For him to shred like that and sing is f*cking impressive.

simon_belmont 64 days ago
I like his vocals. I prefer the later era stuff.

B__DAWG 64 days ago
i very nearly woulda seen them on this exact tour in 98 at a fest but then i didn't go. i don't know what i did instead. probably just smoked pot. i probably shoulda went

AnalButt 64 days ago
In 98 I was more concerned with faking sick to not go to church. Bullhead is 56 years old

B__DAWG 64 days ago
I was a teen

easyhateoven 64 days ago
bullhead saw the beatles live