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Something weird about the gay club shooting

VodkaVeins 129 days ago
lol @ belmont

ShaolinLambKiller 129 days ago

easyhateoven 129 days ago
simon_belmont 2 hours ago McDonalds, Taco Bell. Those are pretty big names Inkongudunk 1 hour ago Depends on the font size lol

Alcohol 128 days ago
Listen I am not trying to be like weird or whatever but I stated a fact about how weird it was this shooter now related to this left wing thing pronouns etc I am not saying good or bad I'm just saying and then the entire conversation of multiple people shifts to completely ignore I imagine future comments will be like Fat 🐣 Dumb 🌥 Cry ☔️ Life

PoultryInMotion 128 days ago
Keep posting please I love how retarded you are, this shit is gold.

lordzedd 128 days ago

VodkaVeins 128 days ago
Poultry pushin' for a spot on the team...