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Something weird about the gay club shooting

lurkcity 130 days ago
yea but they dont look as cool and arent used in every video game ever. so.

shitinyourhand 130 days ago
That dude is cool.. He brews beer too.. Good f*cking job that guy

shitinyourhand 130 days ago
The video I saw of the loser maga f*ck shooter saying "it's your boy" in his fat sloth voice just made me sad. What a piece of shit. People need to stop being f*ckin crazy, that's about all I have to say about thayutt jennay

B__DAWG 130 days ago
i didn't see any of that. where do you see this kind of stuff?

simon_belmont 130 days ago
On the internet. You gotta get on there, man

ej 130 days ago
resident ej chiming in. lol what a retard. A.) i was with a bunch of family in key west during regatta (their big boat racing week) and we said "f*ck it, drag show". have you ever been to a drag show? it's not a strip club, it's dudes in wigs singing gay karaoke. really not that crazy. B.) guess who was having the best time? a crew of guys from one of the racing teams that looked like they'd shoud've been at the daytona 500 with dale shirts on i will say that i didn't really enjoy it because i'd rather be the one doing gay karaoke aight see ya

B__DAWG 130 days ago
whats going on EJ?

AnalButt 130 days ago
Remember when wwjd left all of his belongings in his apt he was leaving and told someone to come get his stuff and no one did?

ShaolinLambKiller 130 days ago
f*ck em

Kvin 130 days ago
You really think this is a false flag? Sounds like the incoherent thoughts of a future mass shooter.

lurkcity 130 days ago
B__DAWG 2 hours ago whats going on EJ? hes been busy commenting anonymously in the comments

Bortslob 130 days ago
The biggest tragedy is that the original poster wasn't there, and killed and was the only victim and the killer got away forever

B__DAWG 130 days ago
yeah, no body wants to post on your board lurk. not sure why youre going out of your way to point that out t

B__DAWG 130 days ago
i'm doing it under protest

lurkcity 130 days ago
its the wave of new posters bull... i cant control it.