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the human centipede

B__DAWG 66 days ago
is that a fun movie to watch or is it just gross?

B__DAWG 66 days ago
i never saw it

Get_Some 66 days ago
Watch it once. It is worth it.

Bortslob 66 days ago
It's not really gross. It's more psychological gross. It's actually not a bad horror movie

B__DAWG 66 days ago
i'm just worried it'll be too gross

B__DAWG 66 days ago
what's the grossest movie?

Bortslob 66 days ago
District 9. Never watch it. It's so bad it made me puke

B__DAWG 66 days ago
didn't mind that one, i don't think. aliens are cool

PoultryInMotion 66 days ago
At least one sequel was made

lurkcity 66 days ago
Bortslob 41 minutes ago It's more psychological gross. can confirm. the movie is dumb, but the scene where he injects everyone laying down on the gurney and they are strapped to it not able to do anything other than take whatever was given to them was the worst scene in the movie for me. the movie where Justin long gets turned into a walrus was slightly better

jimbo 66 days ago
i enjoyed the first one, thought it was funny. second one was just wacky so didn't waste my time with the third. the same dude made some movie recently about chicks masturbating to gore films and shit and nobody wants to distribute the film lol

fun2choke 65 days ago
All 3 are classics. The first one is the best written, the second is one of the goriest films ever made, and the third is black comedy gold.

B__DAWG 65 days ago
you're saying theres 3 of them all of a sudden?