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Turnstile on the Taco Bell Commercial

666pack 126 days ago
You didn't miss too much, portslob, but if you ever wanna go you should. And I have the opposite take Vodka, I feel like the only redeeming thing about this band is their live show/ability to turn out large numbers of people

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
Vegans love Taco Bell

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
That dude can't sing the vocals he recorded for Glow On to save his f*cking life...

lurkcity 126 days ago
strange.... whenever i have seen/heard them live he sounded fine

ej 126 days ago
ej here to insult turnstile's headlining tour setlist*** HOLIDAY Real Thing (cool) Big Smile (cool) NEW HEART DESIGN I Don't Wanna Be Blind (cool) BLACKOUT UNDERWATER BOI DON'T PLAY The Things You Do (cool) Drop (1 minute song) FLY AGAIN Drum Solo (who the f*ck do you think you are) Moon ALIEN LOVE CALL (not a real song) ENDLESS NO SURPRISE (not a real song) MYSTERY T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION) glow on (songs in caps) is a 34:51 minute album including a few minutes of filler. this headline set is maybe 50 minutes and they're not playing at your local shithole. insulting to pay 40 bucks for that shit. *** i am a turnstile fan but i'm not going to pay 40 bucks to drive into the city and see them, been there done that

B__DAWG 126 days ago

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
lurkcity 31 minutes ago strange.... whenever i have seen/heard them live he sounded fine Passable, but not good.

B__DAWG 126 days ago
This bands pretty good, I guess

rick_tocchet 126 days ago
Saw them a handful of times. First couple times they were terrible. All the lead singer did was run around on stage like a fruitcake and barely yelled in the mic. The last time I saw em before covid they sounded the best as a band and it was before their last album gay on!

AnalButt 126 days ago
Lol at gay on!

B__DAWG 126 days ago
thats homophobic

easyhateoven 126 days ago
AnalButt 22 minutes ago Lol at gay on!

Bortslob 126 days ago
It's turdstile - blow on

Bortslob 126 days ago
I mean Turdpile - Blow On