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Turnstile on the Taco Bell Commercial

Inkongudunk 127 days ago
Instead of teens liking some popular band and people making a taco bell commercial with that popular band... this is all some sinister plot to sell... hundreds of albums... and nacho cheese fries.

simon_belmont 127 days ago
B__DAWG 31 minutes ago Who's the most famous hardcore band ever? I really want to say Goo Goo Dolls but they were punk, not hardcore.

Inkongudunk 127 days ago
New found glory

jimbo 127 days ago
e town concrete

Alcohol 127 days ago
It's all a plot to turn the youth into Soylent Green

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
B__DAWG 21 hours ago Im a hipster millenial So am I. But I still have cable TV and watch commercials like a boomer...

Bortslob 126 days ago
Streaming blows. I'd rather watch commercials than not be able to change the channel or sit through the buffering

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
Bortslob 1 day ago Turnstile is playing two shows in my neighborhood this weekend. I kinda want to go but I don't want to be the only non prepubescent 12 year old girl in attendance If you dont already have tickets you probably dont wanna pay the resale price for this. They arent very good live, anyway

NorthFromHere 126 days ago
Not very good live? But what about the heckin Sunny videos!!?

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
f*ck off, dude.

Bortslob 126 days ago
I decided not to go. I'm not gay enough yet

rick_tocchet 126 days ago
I was watching some nfl over the weekend and thats where i saw this shitheap of a commercial. I guess turdstile is not vegan, so that is 1 plus for them.

simon_belmont 126 days ago
I had vegan friends in college that ate at Taco Bell. I think the bean burrito with no cheese is vegan or something.

lurkcity 126 days ago
touring vegans basically only survived on TB before there were other options.

lurkcity 126 days ago
Bortslob 45 minutes ago I decided not to go. I'm not gay enough yet its a fun show, they play old stuff not just 'glow on'