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can we take some time to celebrate shat's life?

kort 64 days ago
he's an important historical figure in the hardcore/metal community

Jemenez_Cricket 64 days ago

easyhateoven 64 days ago
*pours listerine for the fallen soldier*

nothinlefttogive 64 days ago
Shat & Beans are condescending from heaven *vapes broken glass from very fancy rig*

7billiondead 60 days ago
Did he go out like his dad? Halloween decoration style?

RIP Legend

gamecube 52 days ago
If by celebrate you mean "print pictures of his swastika-selfies and mail them to family members" i'm kinda busy.

7billiondead 52 days ago
Act like they didn't know.

ShaolinLambKiller 52 days ago
he deserved to die sooner.