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Is this place finally dead?

Jemenez_Cricket 143 days ago
As Kurts dad I def feel the need to apologize for his behavior. Guess I didn't f*ck his butt hard enough yesterday. Were bout to double up though.

kort 143 days ago
is anything i said incorrect? did you not delete that thread?

ShaolinLambKiller 143 days ago
kort 17 hours ago of course it's up. you're doing news about ozzy and taylor hawkins making songs about porn. remember you did a news item about some trash pop-rock band that would never be on LG? someone made a thread making fun of the news item, you said 'what? webbys been doing news on this band forever' and then webby shows up to be like 'LOL NO'. and you had to delete the thread to save face? lol did see that.

lurkcity 143 days ago
sorry it was shitty redneck fiddle stix tunes slk, ive let you down

jimbo 143 days ago
you average like 10-20 comments an article. this website is dead dude. webmaster cashed out on your dumbass.

lurkcity 143 days ago
you may want to do better maths

Bucky 142 days ago
apart from simon and slk, who tf are you guys? there hasn't been a new poster here since 2009

Bucky 142 days ago
2 hours and top of the board. a l e x a r n o l d you should kill yourself holy shit

Bucky 142 days ago
alex is a tier 3 sub to nonpoints fansly

lurkcity 142 days ago
heads up, alex is no longer webby. i mean he is, but not for real anymore. welcome to the new nu lambgoat

ShaolinLambKiller 140 days ago
lol cope