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Is this place finally dead?

Bucky 144 days ago
good f*cking riddance

lordzedd 144 days ago
It's pretty bad.

lurkcity 144 days ago
nope, just the reviled forum it seems

ShaolinLambKiller 143 days ago

thetowerofrome 143 days ago
Not just the forum . Lurk is lying . It's shit now... mainly because of him

Bortslob 143 days ago
Stfu Bucky you're the worst poster of all time and everyone hates you

lurkcity 143 days ago
thetowerofrome 2 hours ago Not just the forum . Lurk is lying . It's shit now... mainly because of him you may want to check w carve on that one, were up everywhere else.

lurkcity 143 days ago
ask simon he has seen the stats ;)

simon_belmont 143 days ago
The stats: Career G 236 AV 169 Cmp% 60.3 Yds 57023 TD 366

kort 143 days ago
of course it's up. you're doing news about ozzy and taylor hawkins making songs about porn. remember you did a news item about some trash pop-rock band that would never be on LG? someone made a thread making fun of the news item, you said 'what? webbys been doing news on this band forever' and then webby shows up to be like 'LOL NO'. and you had to delete the thread to save face?

Bucky 143 days ago
dont post paragraphs, you're not funny

Jemenez_Cricket 143 days ago
Yeah kurt come back to bed now

lurkcity 143 days ago
stfu kort youre boring af

kort 143 days ago
sorry for dropping some TRVTH bombs on your soft (pebus) invasion of lambgoat

lurkcity 143 days ago
the only thing you are dropping is your IQ which can't go much lower... so you should do something about that.