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rick_tocchet 223 days ago
Either in the pit during the set change between Hatebreed and BLS or out in the parking lot near the pearl engraving station/teddy bear care fair. Fuk Uuuuuuuuu

lurkcity 223 days ago
On it

lurkcity 223 days ago
We got drunk

Jimmyfloyd 223 days ago
So what happened

vagisilcreem 222 days ago
Jimmyfloyd 6 hours ago So what happened lurkcity 7 hours ago We got drunk

easyhateoven 222 days ago

lurkcity 222 days ago
Here it is.
Imgur picture
simon_belmont 222 days ago
Lurk you look like you got Corpsegrinder's neck in this photo

rick_tocchet 222 days ago
I was f*cking hammered. Was moshing during Anthrax. If i didnt i would of fallen asleep.

lurkcity 222 days ago
The $13 house of blues Disney beers hit different

nothinlefttogive 222 days ago
Anthrax only cause Hatebreed don't fux w/ Ewoks.

lurkcity 222 days ago
Or they did. 🤷🏼‍♂️

_d0thack_ 222 days ago
Ewoks are cute as f*ck so i don't see the need to find it as somr sort of insult. Of all the things anyone can call anyone fron Star Wars that is literally the least inoffensive thing.

_d0thack_ 222 days ago
Why not say homie looks like a Sarlacc pit?

_d0thack_ 222 days ago
It's just a bad insult.