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So the vaccine is causing the virus to mutate

rick_tocchet 7/28/2021 6:44:41 AM
Dont believe me. Believe this doctor from Texas A&M. https://rumble.com/vk8cpw-top-american-doctor-covid-shots-are-obsolete-dangerous-must-be-shut-down.html

Barbara 7/28/2021 6:47:05 AM
Stop posting you insufferable old sunburnt piece of shit. No one cares about your opinion

Barbara 7/28/2021 6:48:21 AM
Just like Trump losing. I havent had to think about this shit in months, yet here you sit, stewing in it constantly.

BULLHEAD 7/28/2021 6:50:45 AM
I question the validity of that news source

theocean 7/28/2021 6:51:11 AM
shedding and loving it!

rick_tocchet 7/28/2021 6:51:28 AM
I guess you just watched that whole 38 min vid? Shutup you whiney piece of thick bloody period blood. All you do is bitch bitch bitch bitch.

PenicillinTrapdoor 7/28/2021 6:51:45 AM
Rick makes Trind seem charming.

Barbara 7/28/2021 6:52:39 AM
Why would I watch a 38 minute video? Or anyone really besides paranoid losers

_d0thack_ 7/28/2021 6:54:27 AM
Who f*cking gives a shit? Really dumb topic.

BULLHEAD 7/28/2021 6:55:35 AM
I just watched the video on 10x speed. Didnt get much from it

vagisilcreem 7/28/2021 6:56:47 AM
durrr da needle make u sickr den not needle durrrrrr *poops pants*

easyhateoven 7/28/2021 6:57:19 AM
looks like the shot already fukked up vagi

BULLHEAD 7/28/2021 6:58:38 AM
I do have some skepticism about this alleged vaccine to be honest

arty_mcfarty 7/28/2021 6:59:23 AM
Well I mean, if a guy on the Internet says it's true.....

rick_tocchet 7/28/2021 7:00:25 AM
I understand waking up to and figuring out your whole pathetic life is a sham and a challenging thing for all you pea brained idiots. If i had to compare it to something you all do on a daily basis. It would be like taking the elevator to the 2nd floor cause you are too f*cking lazy to walk up a flight of stairs but most likely because you are physically unable to walk up the stairs. Its ok guys, stay angry at a thread on lambgoat. I always get the last laugh.