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I thought i was banned

BlkFrmThWstDwn 77 days ago
it times, great things will come

Bortslob 77 days ago

BlkFrmThWstDwn 77 days ago
great things = i will post until your feelings can take no more

Inkongudunk 77 days ago
So you think people disliking you is because you hurt their feelings? Lol. When women turn you down, is it because they are lesbians?

BlkFrmThWstDwn 77 days ago
women don't turn me down dawg especially with dating apps it's like shooting fish in a barrel nujack

BlkFrmThWstDwn 77 days ago
I love Phil Collins

nothinlefttogive 77 days ago
It's nu Phil Anselmo ^^^

iwilladapt 77 days ago
shut the f*ck up idiot

BlkFrmThWstDwn 77 days ago
adapt to these nuts bro

Barbara 77 days ago
XD XD no one f*cking cares XD XD

Inkongudunk 76 days ago
Lol, this guy is so desperate for attention. How sad

iwilladapt 76 days ago
believe it or not, you don't get banned just for being dumb as hell

Bortslob 76 days ago
I'm positive it's trind at this point. The douchechills are immense

nothinlefttogive 76 days ago
It's trind, post-OCD therapy, pretending to be an American redneck

lake_flaccid 76 days ago
The board needed a new villain but this guy just sucks