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Bill Burr -Live at Red Rocks netflix special

rick_tocchet 198 days ago
Starts a little slow but builds up nicley and finishes strong. Worth a watch if you are a Burr fan. 7.5/10

Pilgrim 198 days ago
I enjoyed. Didn't like camera work. Seemed people were just walking around the whole time. But I agree 7.5/10

rick_tocchet 198 days ago
Yeah. I didnt like how the main spot light was in the camera a few times too. You are at the nicest venue ever and you wouldnt even f*cking know.

ej 198 days ago
It's almost as if venues like that should be reserved for music and not talking

lurkcity 198 days ago
gonna be watching this later this weekend. seeing him in november.

easyhateoven 198 days ago
Agreed. Slow start, but strong finish.

God 198 days ago
Still talking about cancel culture in 2022 jfc

B__DAWG 198 days ago
Not gonna watch