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Petition to put BlkFrmThWstDwn in timeout

_d0thack_ 206 days ago
Just comparing

VodkaVeins 206 days ago
Dude's a bitch-ass-little-brother. You all knew this annoying dickhead growing up.

VodkaVeins 206 days ago
"Im not touching you" in post format

BlkFrmThWstDwn 206 days ago
i love you guys thanks for accepting me as being one of the brothers of the famous lamb goat mb

SnagglePuss 206 days ago
Congrats, that's your life weird new guy. You're like Trind but more forgettable. Might as well end it now

vagisilcreem 206 days ago
is trind at the funny farm right now?

BlkFrmThWstDwn 206 days ago
love you brother hardcore for life we're family now for ev errrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

lurkcity 206 days ago
evil_hero 45 minutes ago lurk do you see the fungus that flourishes when celine, xander and carve are away from the board. this place f*cking sucks Okay not one of them is in timeout. Carve ain't coming back though 🤷🏼‍♂️

lurkcity 206 days ago

B__DAWG 206 days ago
yeah but they're staying away on purpose

lurkcity 206 days ago
Oh well