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Petition to put BlkFrmThWstDwn in timeout

easyhateoven 135 days ago
Sign here

_d0thack_ 135 days ago
Inked 4 Life

B__DAWG 135 days ago
it's the beginning of the end and i embrace it

BlkFrmThWstDwn 135 days ago
grown adults bitching and whining to censor someone under achieving adults who cry and bitch on a message board hahahahahaha you guys are honestly pathetic little bitches not metal or hardcore lol

ej 135 days ago
you sound like rudeboy trying to rebrand

BlkFrmThWstDwn 135 days ago

ej 135 days ago

Barbara 135 days ago

dayman 135 days ago
delete him

iwilladapt 135 days ago

iwilladapt 135 days ago
ej 4 minutes ago you sound like rudeboy trying to rebrand lol

BlkFrmThWstDwn 135 days ago
get this guy out of our safe space righttttttt nowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

_d0thack_ 135 days ago
You aren't gonna get over with that user name bud

evil_hero 135 days ago
petition to send rudeboy back to toiletwomb he was shitbirthed into

timelordtwo 135 days ago