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lurkcity is a piece of shit

Inkongudunk 142 days ago
Lurkcity is a piece of shit

SnagglePuss 142 days ago
With his 5.15 inch penis

lurkcity 142 days ago
Someone is drunk again huh?

RAGINGFUCKMAN 142 days ago
lol at that being your only go to when people express their thoughts on the fact that you suck worse than trinds mom when evil_hero's at her glorymaze gloryhole stop, bud. give yer balls a tug

Inkongudunk 142 days ago
It's from letterkenny, you dingle Aren't you Canadian?

Inkongudunk 142 days ago
Snagglepuss got it

Inkongudunk 142 days ago
Holy shit Lol, does he bot realize we've all just been quoting a show? Hooooly So dumb

vagisilcreem 142 days ago
i dont know what the heck letterkenny is.

theocean 142 days ago
just wait till next week!

iwilladapt 142 days ago
just wait till winter 2008

RAGINGFUCKMAN 142 days ago
letterkenny and shoresy are comedy tv series most of if not all the quotes are shoresy who is a great chirper and an even quicker shitter.

A_tumbleweed 82 days ago
*blows through*

ShaolinLambKiller 81 days ago

7billiondead 80 days ago
Thought this post was 3 years old with the lame ass letterlenny quotes

Inkongudunk 80 days ago
Shoresy is new, f*ckface.