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Mass shooting selfie

God 43 days ago
https://i.imgur.com/PxWtfIk.png This society is disgusting

carveyournamein 43 days ago

there's a bunch of stupid shit we do that allows cynics/armchair f*ckwits/etc to feel informed, creating a cycle of shit-mouthed idiots in this country who in turn likely contribute to the situations which pushes potential shooters to become full fledged actual shooters; they think they understand f*cking anything about anything, because of videos and images and documentaries that wouldn't have been readily available to them 20 years ago, let alone any timeframe before that. though this is different, and you feel bad for the victims, this picture will likely spark more armchair debate from idiots who've never done anything and will continue to never do anything, except express their f*cking stupid view of this world. i run into shit brains like that quite often; some egg on the violence, some commit it, some suffer it and then accidentally or unintentionally contribute to the weak and worthless society we live in because of the shit brained lifeless vultures that circle the planet. aside from that, sad to see that in a multitude of ways. her suffering, most of all, to the shit show that will likely come from a selfie after an event like this.

B__DAWG 43 days ago
your suffering will be legendary.....even in hell!!

like that obsessed idiot who stalks me here, i think its that same pos from brooklyn. people think they have shit all figured out. that any mention of some f*cked shit is "hahahaha fake". people like that, it's too bad it'll never happen since they never leave their f*cking homes, it's too bad there isn't some kind of event that happens to them, something specific but unlikely, say.... maybe Russia will get lucky with some nukes and take out a good chunk of fat, sloppy, stupid, untalented, never done f*cking nothing, american cynics, and we can have a societal reboot. shit heads like that who "need proof" from their fat asses doing their shit jobs, people like that are the very sod of american societies sick retard class

PenicillinTrapdoor 43 days ago
he should have aimed a little more to the right

people like that, i bet that's why this chick did this. she didn't take 10 seconds to think of the repercussions; but every shit mouthed loser saying mass shooting events are "fake" create the call to response. that's that low-functioning American arm chair cynic shit though; same as the fat lady who called the cops on a fellow fan at a baseball game this weekend. the shit bags that think they know how the sausage is made but you take em to the floor and they wanna puke and cry and go home. but they'll stir the shit up, all right. I really hope Russia lands some critical nuke strikes here, ngl, even if I get deaded in em, at least it will thin the f*cking shit of everyone else as well and people can appreciate being alive and go the f*ck outside without trying to impress others like little bitches. That's the problem with American society, mostly bitches.

easyhateoven 43 days ago
is she wearing an apple earring?

also, the caption on that thing, that's not a good statement when other people died or might die from injuries sustained. AMERICA

evil_hero 43 days ago
crisis actor

God 43 days ago
Poor vfx tbh

God 43 days ago
Someone brought up a great point about how OnlyFans moms are going to create a shittton o shooters

God 43 days ago
https://www.bitchute.com/video/nCsFtXAe7Ubt/ Here's his last video, it's pretty deranged. It's been banned even on bitchute so the only copy is this retard with his conspiracy theorist voice-over

the only point to my f*cking dick head mean shut the f*ck up gimmick work is that f*cking fact, americans will literally see the repercussion of being social pieces of shit and be like "welp its not my fault!" and continue a cycle that has now degraded to mass shootings killing innocent victims not connected with any of the issues that drove a truly unstable shooter to act. hence, the offender pays a legal cost, but it's base or breeding ground usually remains apathetic and unchanged because the trauma wasn't in their lives. like my SK charges, you can tell me your rules and views, and you can call threatening to shoot my families house, but if I tell you it could go real both ways, you're threatened, you're shook; that's most of America. Cowards and c*nts who think the whole world is their own stage without equal reaction to action, and rely on having a bail out from their actions because of societal rules. Again, BREHON f*ckING LAW. Like I said, the only solution is a big war to thin the herd.

Inkongudunk 43 days ago
Out of curiosity, what makes somebody a "do something" person vs a "do nothing" person? I'm interested to hear the criteria for avoiding criticism in this regard