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Attention Simon_Belmont: Battery on officer by hot dog

rick_tocchet 208 days ago
Step your game up Simon!!! https://www.fox13news.com/news/police-new-port-richey-man-arrested-after-throwing-hot-dog-at-st-pete-officer

simon_belmont 208 days ago
I'm starting a petition to Free Jason Edward Stoll!

theocean 208 days ago
he has no time to look......he is picking out a special outfit to watch joey chestnut

Portslob 208 days ago
Lol, that's belmonts mom's boyfriend

Portslob 208 days ago
What a dumb law. Just let the guy sell his f*cking hotdogs

RAGINGFUCKMAN 208 days ago
assaulted by sleeved meat.