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Westworld Season 4

carveyournamein 46 days ago
God damn they just need to end this shit.

evil_hero 46 days ago

carveyournamein 46 days ago
It's f*cking horrible!!

Season one was the f*cken tits.

butlerianjihad 45 days ago
The Firefly that could've been?

butlerianjihad 45 days ago
AKA 1 season was great but f*ck 4

p@ 45 days ago
I just started watching the first season the other day. That the only one worth watching?

carveyournamein 45 days ago
I wouldn't say it's worth watching after the last two seasons, no.

God 45 days ago
Even season one of this was shit. It's all shit. Everything is shit. Everything and I'm basing this on half an episode

carveyournamein 45 days ago
Nothing makes sense since season 1 and I doubt it will make any more sense at the end of season 4.

666pack 45 days ago
I loved the first season, hated the second, surprised by and enjoyed the third, and the first episode of the fourth is a steaming pile of homeless diarrhea. Not a great track record, we shall see…

rick_tocchet 45 days ago
Terrible show.

evil_hero 45 days ago
one season was a struggle to get through

carveyournamein 45 days ago
I am trying to be objective, but in the first minute of the show there is a guy speaking English to a guy who speaks Spanish and they both understand each other. I don't get it. Is this so you can test of your Closed Captioning is functioning correctly?