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starting the drive down to florida today

recommend podcasts

Barbara 46 days ago
The van flip is pretty popular around here

evil_hero 46 days ago
you shall fight rick tocchet

Zordon 46 days ago
tim dillon podcast

jimbo 46 days ago
Sam hyde & nick rochefort

B__DAWG 46 days ago
Why would you ho to Florida in July? Hot and smelly

Barbara 46 days ago
fourth of july in fla!!!!!!!!!! im gonna suck casey jones' dick

Listen to Jim Cornette idk its the only podcast im aware of

B__DAWG 46 days ago
listen to some rock music like a man

i made it i listened to mostly assbeater jams and drove fast as f*ck however almost totaled my car swerving to turn into this place https://imgur.com/a/BjyC4Zn

hell yeah

B__DAWG 45 days ago
what's that one place when you're driving down the coast there and you see nine millions signs for some dumb tourist trap place?

B__DAWG 45 days ago
kinda like Walldrug, but worse

VodkaVeins 45 days ago
f*ck yeah, Buc-ee's

Portslob 45 days ago
Unsolved mysteries.. they even got the original music