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Some chick on ig shared a pic that said:

ej 39 days ago
"Serious question: what does it feel like to be a man today as you watch the women around you have their rights ripped away" Answer 1: well I'm not on the supreme court, am I, so I'm not sure why I'm to blame Answer 2: the girl who shared it was a massive c*nt to me the last time i saw her, so it feels awesome tbh Side note: she got a breast reduction too. That's like slapping god across the face. I don't care if she had back problems

B__DAWG 39 days ago
you don't like abortions?

VodkaVeins 39 days ago
Did you slip a superbad quote in there, McLovin?

easyhateoven 39 days ago
post your ig name, ej

ej 39 days ago
Yes but she really did get a reduction and it was heartbreaking to see

ej 39 days ago
And abortions are great but I'm not on the Supreme Court so why do women including me in their decision