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Wake and Bake

_d0thack_ 278 days ago
Yeah. It stopped writing awhile ago.

theocean 278 days ago
just smoked my first bowl of the day man

_d0thack_ 278 days ago
Niceeee. I've got another blunt for the evening

PenicillinTrapdoor 278 days ago
Gonna leave the bar and start my chonging for the day momentarily. Waiting for the next scheduled power outage in 3 hours.

RAGINGFUCKMAN 278 days ago
Chongy as chongy can be sitting in babarshop yay bout to maybe get a beer probably I don't know I think maybe

AnalButt 278 days ago
Just got back from an 8-hour drive. Chonging will commence soon

_steelpanda_ 278 days ago
I hate I chuckled at that hiv comment lol.

Inkongudunk 278 days ago
He thinks gay people are evil, being gay is an insult, and calls HIV the gayplague.

VodkaVeins 278 days ago
f*ckin' knee-slappers for sure

RAGINGFUCKMAN 278 days ago
Trind using the HIV insult on me would make sense if I were the size I was when I was 18 and like 135-40lbs. I'm pretty much Shawn Michaels size but ILL BRONCO BUST THE SHIT OUTTA TRINDS FACE WAIT HED LIKE THAT BECAUSE HE SHUNS HIS TRUE SEXUALITY AND THEN VILLIFIES IT LIKE A GAY HITLER