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roe vs wade has officially been overturned

theocean 6/24/2022 7:18:08 AM
ruling on dobbs was just announced

evil_hero 6/24/2022 7:19:39 AM
the cities shall burn. far left protestors wont let this go by without destroying a bunch of small businesses

Inkongudunk 6/24/2022 7:23:45 AM
BLAPBLAPBLAPBLAP wait, wrong thread

ej 6/24/2022 7:27:15 AM
coat hanger stock way up sum 41 lyrics in shambles nba players NOT stoked

nothinlefttogive 6/24/2022 7:29:33 AM
you hear that, wade? you're good to go! ;-)

Inkongudunk 6/24/2022 7:30:12 AM
Wait, am I the abortion chick or the evil oppressor

theocean 6/24/2022 7:34:14 AM
here is a state by state breakdown by someone who isnt "hysterical" https://reason.com/2022/06/24/here-is-a-state-by-state-rundown-of-what-will-happen-now-that-scotus-has-freed-lawmakers-to-restrict-abortion/

nothinlefttogive 6/24/2022 7:35:41 AM
i think you're the impregnator? *checks notes*

easyhateoven 6/24/2022 7:46:53 AM
crazy bitches on social media are having meltdowns

webmaster 6/24/2022 7:47:28 AM
country is so pathetic

easyhateoven 6/24/2022 7:50:56 AM
thanks biden

ej 6/24/2022 7:52:01 AM
chris sununu is a staunch pro choice governor in a state with the motto of "Live Free or Die" who won't legalize weed but also doesn't care about seatbelt or motorcycle helmet laws lol

evil_hero 6/24/2022 7:55:06 AM
webmaster 6 minutes ago country is so pathetic no. its beautiful. now its a states rights issue. i am sure your state will surely be one of the most deadly for fetuses

webmaster 6/24/2022 8:03:56 AM
States can't decide gun rights, but they're good to go on abortion.

easyhateoven 6/24/2022 8:10:53 AM
man, this is just like 9/11... i didnt care about that either