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Just finished the Nightmare on Elm St series.

_d0thack_ 276 days ago
Rewatch every few years. 1, 3, and New Nightmare are all you need. The series really should've been 1 and New Nightmare. Gonna rewatch Saw for the lulz

theocean 276 days ago
3 is my favorite man

carveyournamein 276 days ago
Good trilogy.

thetowerofrome 276 days ago
The first saw was pretty damn cool and it all went downhill very fast . 2 is ok and everything else pretty f*cking lame

thetowerofrome 276 days ago
I still remember having nightmares after seeing some of 1 when his hands stretched out as a kid. That scene is hilarious as an adult

thetowerofrome 276 days ago
Or arms rather

_d0thack_ 276 days ago
theocean 4 minutes ago 3 is my favorite man It began the trend if his silly kills. It's great. 1 is still awesome . And yeah tower, 1 is great. Loved the ending.

Zordon 276 days ago
have you seen 'never sleep again' the 4 hour documentary about nightmare on elmstreet. ive seen it like a dozen times

Zordon 276 days ago
NEVER SLEEP AGAIN https://youtu.be/YKA4gVc-MSU

Portslob 276 days ago
I like Freddy's dead too. The map says we're f*cked!

lake_flaccid 276 days ago
Freddy is probably my least favorite slasher icon, but Dream Warriors is a p cool sequel.