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Internal Infestation death metal bit of thrash in it.

ShaolinLambKiller 7/23/2021 2:43:03 PM
https://internalinfestation.bandcamp.com/ finally listening to this demo. I've had the cd for abit.

skinsuit 7/23/2021 2:55:44 PM
Nobody gives a shit. Slit your faģģot throat.

ShaolinLambKiller 7/23/2021 2:56:07 PM
but they do. and you clicked.

BULLHEAD 7/23/2021 3:44:58 PM
i'll listen to it

ShaolinLambKiller 7/23/2021 3:47:49 PM
i def enjoyed it. looking forward to more material. really liked the art as well.

dayman 7/23/2021 3:49:22 PM
kill u

explosions_in_this_guy 7/23/2021 3:50:22 PM
This is good

ShaolinLambKiller 7/23/2021 3:58:51 PM
you are welcome

ShaolinLambKiller 7/23/2021 3:59:01 PM
dayman 9 minutes ago kill u cool

easyhateoven 7/23/2021 9:37:50 PM
it's good

easyhateoven 7/23/2021 9:38:14 PM
reminds me of carcass

jimbo 7/23/2021 10:02:59 PM
started a song with a "guitar solo".. immediate click out and never listen again

skinsuit 7/24/2021 6:20:52 AM
Fūcking delete.

BULLHEAD 7/24/2021 6:24:14 AM
It's better than power metal

ShaolinLambKiller 7/24/2021 7:33:16 AM
Its better than f*cking a kid which is why flipflap doesn't like it