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saturday night smokers

lordzedd 361 days ago
First Deadpool was just ok... Second one was two turds up...

withdeadhandsrising 361 days ago
i found shrooms and went over the bridge to a dispensary in nj, got an 8th of gsc and a funky charms live resin cart. it's been a good night.

Barbara 361 days ago
Some guy on my block has a Deadpool sunshade thing for his dash

Pilgrim 361 days ago
Met a girl. I have as gf. I don't know to do

Pilgrim 361 days ago
NVM I called it off

jimbo 361 days ago
English, speak it.

Pilgrim 361 days ago
English never heard of her

Pilgrim 361 days ago
Shit I might watch the 2nd Deadpool

jimbo 361 days ago
she's a hottie, too good for us

skinsuit 361 days ago
Dottie lying about having a gf. Pathetic.

RAGINGFUCKMAN 360 days ago
lol trind all alone on the board at 4:30AM like HELLO HELLO I HAVE NO FRIENDS DID SOMEONE TRY TEXTING ME

carveyournamein 360 days ago