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scissors7 59 days ago

jimbo 59 days ago
-casino -sauna -basketball court

rick_tocchet 59 days ago
Today- beach and beers Sat- Local Obituary show in Tampa and beers Sun - jerking it

evil_hero 59 days ago
i need to get a haircut

B__DAWG 59 days ago
I'm gonna do some drywallin' and some skateboardin' and some beer drinkin' and some lawn mowin'

Portslob 59 days ago
Get f*cked up! Go Cs!

easyhateoven 59 days ago
spending time with the gf and drinking

Today - work Tomorrow - backyard BBQ/beers with friends Sunday - lay around watching movies with gf

evil_hero 59 days ago
i have a lot of lawn to mow. this wet spring has been f*cked. last year my grass was dead by memorial day

scissors7 58 days ago
Today/Tonight - WFH, twins, wife working, C's Saturday - pre fishing a lake with the kids for a tournament next week Sunday - twins, wife working

virus_dot_exe 58 days ago
I'm going to the states to watch the Mariners play the Sox, so I will be doing grill (buying hotdogs) and beer (athletic NA IPA)

B__DAWG 58 days ago
Why wouldn't you wait til the blue jays come?

B__DAWG 58 days ago
Cities crawling with stinky Canadians whenever the blue jays come

virus_dot_exe 58 days ago
Because of the reasons you stated. All of the Jays fans act like fools that weekend and I don't want to be associated with them, and I'm more of an M's fan anyway because of my regional proximity and Ichiro is the greatest.

B__DAWG 58 days ago
Oh yeah Ichiros the man