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New Jurassic Park

Barbara 61 days ago
Apparently isn't about dinosaurs really? Everyone is saying it centers around some giant locusts. Can our resident expert chime in??

simon_belmont 61 days ago
It was never about dinosaurs. It was about the human condition. It was about love and yearning and expectations. And giant dinosaur poop.

Barbara 61 days ago
I'm yearning for more giant dinosaur poop

Barbara 61 days ago
I'm EXPECTING more dinosaur poop

theocean 61 days ago
do you think jeff goldblum's cock really is the size on 2 coke cans stacked?

evil_hero 61 days ago
oh hey there step dinosaur. im stuck in the washingmachine

it comes out thursday in america so i haven't seen it yet, and im avoiding any major spoilers, but you're right about there being a genetically engineered locust subplot from what im hearing, biosyn (the rival genetics company that hired nedry to steal the embryos in the first movie) is now what ingen was in the first film, and they've begun rounding up dinosaurs that escaped in the first film under the guise of protecting them and researching them, but have also either brought back prehistoric locusts or genetically engineered their own (and are made to attack crops that aren't biosyn produced). i think that's why ellie from the first film gets involved, she's a paleobotanist, and she brings grant along. biosyn hired malcolm as a consultant. again i haven't seen it so i might be off on some of that, having not read anything that fully spoils the movie

but this one actually has more dinosaurs than any of the others so it's not specifically about locusts

Barbara 61 days ago
Not taking the piss but how do you spoil a Jurassic Park? Either big cool dinos come out or they don't. Can't really have a twist where they end up being rejected animatronics

Barbara 61 days ago
Ah. I heard it was less dinosaurs. That's good

*rounding up dinosaurs that escaped in the last film not the first though rexy is still the same trex from JP

ehhh im sure it's gonna be a turn off your brain and watch people get eaten movie like the last two JW movies but since they're bringing back legacy characters and tying it directly to the first film i don't wanna know everything im going thursday at 4 and im concerned cuz one of the few negative things i've heard is that they DID go with more animatronics this time but they don't look that good.

evil_hero 61 days ago
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