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Every one come hang out in this thread.

_d0thack_ 294 days ago
I'll puff puff pass goaties https://ibb.co/FBvTn9p

carveyournamein 294 days ago
What is that?

B__DAWG 294 days ago
are you watching porno? better not be

Barbara 294 days ago
sup bros im here for the weed and jerk party

_d0thack_ 294 days ago
Like I'd watch porn on a laptop

AnalButt 294 days ago
I smell it now let me inhell it

evil_hero 294 days ago
i came to get down i came to get down now get off your feet and suck my dick

Zordon 294 days ago

_d0thack_ 294 days ago
This chick wants to watch all these Marvel movies with me. Other then that she's a keeper. https://ibb.co/fxXzD5t

Vince 294 days ago

PenicillinTrapdoor 294 days ago
Edibles are wearing off. Bout to pack the pipe and pour some whiskey and watch hockey.

iwilladapt 294 days ago
drinking this specialty woodford, bottled for my local town and listening to the new cave in on vinyl