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People who eat watermelon

rick_tocchet 294 days ago
Smart!! This shit is good as f*ck.

jimbo 294 days ago
healthiest and best tasting fruit, next to kiwi

B__DAWG 294 days ago
i'd rather eat some delicious cantaloupe

rick_tocchet 294 days ago
Scary how we have genetically altered these f*ckers so much that you cant even find watermelon with seeds in it anymore.

B__DAWG 294 days ago
yeah we showed that stupid melon who's boss

easyhateoven 294 days ago

VodkaVeins 294 days ago
Watermelon is definitely the best melon. Other melons ain't so great

jimbo 294 days ago
VV is 9/10 when dropping in with common sense

evil_hero 294 days ago
the seeds are just like getting a fat watermelon nut in the mouth. some prefer it

vagisilcreem 294 days ago
love it

dog_boner 294 days ago
One time I got real baked and decided to put watermelon in a food dehydrator. I crossed over the metaphorical international date line between retardation and genius that night.

carveyournamein 294 days ago
I put salt on watermelon.