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This song gets me pumped up.

_d0thack_ 297 days ago
And I don't care if you make fun of me for it.

simon_belmont 297 days ago
I won't be clicking that. But I'm proud of you.

B__DAWG 297 days ago
never even heard them. sounds alright to me

Gabaghoulio 297 days ago
Hatebreed - Perseverance That whole album gets me fired up. Dim Mak - Enter the Dragon I also feel invincible when I put this album on

vagisilcreem 297 days ago

easyhateoven 297 days ago
that band blows, but respect for having no shame and liking what you like. as long as you're happy.. rock on, duder

B__DAWG 297 days ago
it sounds better than i thought it would. sounds better than that lamb of god band

easyhateoven 297 days ago
old hatebreed kicks ass

_d0thack_ 297 days ago
That album is the best Trivium album hands down. If you ever needed to hear one thing from them it's that. Also, I'm a fine of that Lamb of God band. No shame. The first 3 to 4 albums are great. Adler is a beast.

_d0thack_ 297 days ago

jimbo 297 days ago
easyhateoven 45 minutes ago old hatebreed kicks ass