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LG bdays today. its a big one. God, ckk and virus_dot_exe

evil_hero 82 days ago
two of my all time favs and a dude with a wooden tv. cellleeebrate good times cmon!!! lets have a celebration

evil_hero 82 days ago
it has yet to be verified if ckk ever killed a cop

carveyournamein 82 days ago
Happy birthday!

simon_belmont 82 days ago
Damn. This should be a Lambgoat holiday.

nothinlefttogive 82 days ago
LG's very own Tet holiday

kort 82 days ago
ive got a big one

*honks celebratory bobo* *is not a brike*

AnalButt 82 days ago
Someone post that Horse Vomits from having Head Chopped Off link

theocean 82 days ago
simon_belmont 1 hour ago Damn. This should be a Lambgoat holiday. God will be on the lg mt rushmore

simon_belmont 82 days ago
Shat, God, SLK, pontoon_boat

Barbara 82 days ago
do the heads on mt rushmore have butts on the other side

simon_belmont 82 days ago
Yes and if you dig deep enough you can see their literally rock-hard dongs

pontoon_boat 82 days ago

God 82 days ago
Bring back Rico_Suave!

evil_hero 82 days ago
bring back necro dog