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Watching Point Break right now.

_d0thack_ 300 days ago
Kinda wanna surf.

carveyournamein 300 days ago
Good movie.

theocean 300 days ago

B__DAWG 300 days ago
i remember seeing that at the drive-in movies back in 1990 or whenever the heck that was

_d0thack_ 300 days ago
Speak into the microphone Squid Brain!

_steelpanda_ 300 days ago
Few years back was on vacation in gulf shores. It was a red flag day I didn't notice until after this. Was like f*ck yeah Imma go boogie board, had this little pink boogie board. I'm part dolphin, was a life guard growing up, lived on river etc. I know water, I got out there and shit was scary af after I wiped hard on first wave. Kept getting knocked down, for dragged out. Got caught in a rip current I figured out. Calmed them f*ck down and laid on back just floated until I was out. I was all bruised and cut up. Point break my asshole off