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rick_tocchet 301 days ago
Good luck trying to take the spotlight off of me in the news comments. Evil_hero tried and FAILED. God speed on your quest.

Jemenez_Cricket 301 days ago
Gay stupid song

evil_hero 301 days ago

evil_hero 301 days ago
the name rick is now a trigger word

RAGINGFUCKMAN 301 days ago
I got bored with it but they do not like being told they're gonna have to bend over and spread em.

RAGINGFUCKMAN 301 days ago
i told one guy i was gonna f*ck him in the ass till his head was driven into his dads ass, like a nail, and then his dad and i were gonna make out while laughing about how stupid his head ass son is. they're not gonna get quality like that in the news comments.

Portslob 301 days ago

_steelpanda_ 301 days ago
RAGINGf*ckMAN 11 hours ago Nah, I'm the man thats gonna pick your 112 lb rag ass up like a wheel barrow, lawn dart you into your fathers ass, and then leap behind you and smash bash your ass until your head implants three feet deep in your dads colon and you walk around breathing in his shit while he and i kiss and talk about how stupid of a f*cking pussy you are. permalink | report abuse RAGINGf*ckMAN 11 hours ago posting as an anonymous news comment poster here has always been the equivalent of the guy who mops up the jerk booths at a porn store, you f*cking moron Hahahahahaha holy f*cking shit I was going to post this on other thread. This shit had me in f*cking tears dude.