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Tuesday Playlist

_d0thack_ 304 days ago
Mgla - Exercises In Futility Overkill - Ironbound Dark Tranquility - Damage Done Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss Bathory - Hammerheart Alcest - Spiritual Instinct Happy Tuesday 😊

evil_hero 304 days ago
alcest i have seen live 2 or 3 times and never listened to their music other than that. theyre pretty decent live though. pretty sure i saw them with boris? and another time at a fest or something.

_d0thack_ 304 days ago
I've been spinning them a lot lately.

_steelpanda_ 304 days ago
Vital Techtones Theory in practice Moongates Guardian Ungfell Never heard an alcest I didn't like.

iwilladapt 304 days ago
Most Precious Blood -> https://imgur.com/a/5N5OoeE

dayman 304 days ago
shut the f*ck up

Hox_Ablation_PhD 304 days ago
Dragged into Sunlight- Terminal Aggressor II LLNN

foulmouth 304 days ago
In Dying Days - Life as a Balancing Act Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands... Shogun - Iconoclast Bolt Thrower - Warmaster Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance Space boy - Force that holds... Thou - Tyrant

iwilladapt 304 days ago
hiddens hands and the mark of the judas are still great records man

_steelpanda_ 304 days ago
Lot of good music being played today. Hidden hands is my favorite darkest hour record. They went full Gothenburg, I think they went to Gothenburg to record that one? I know poison the well recorded you come before you over there. I don't hear poison the in flames, but they went there by golly

_d0thack_ 304 days ago
Love Darkest Hour. Incredibly consistent band.

easyhateoven 304 days ago
The newest darkest hour is one of their best