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How many push ups can you do?

rick_tocchet 302 days ago
With your cock? I can do 38 of those cock push ups before I start breathing heavy, evil_hero knows. He was counting for me.

PenicillinTrapdoor 302 days ago

Gabaghoulio 302 days ago
I've only been able to 2. I am not strong enough in the dong, therefore I am not a bad enough dude.

evil_hero 302 days ago
that was before you monkeypox diagnosys

Gabaghoulio 302 days ago
Since monkeypox, I have been super strong. My dick forced itself out it's skin, it now looks like a dog's pee pee.

rick_tocchet 302 days ago
PenicillinTrapdoor 3 minutes ago 39 Impressive.

timelordtwo 302 days ago
33 in Feb. right now I can maybe do 29. Ugh