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I turned down alcohol today.

_d0thack_ 305 days ago
First time I've been offered since my stint in rehab. Feels pretty good. 😊 Saw my youngest nephew graduate. Super proud of him. Listening to the new Blut Aus Nord with my older nephew. Pre-rolls in hand. Good to be back home. Hope you guys are having a solid Saturday. Gonna try to get the family together to watch some zombie flicks.

skinsuit 305 days ago
Nobody cares.

jimbo 304 days ago
congrats bro! a good strategy is ordering a soda water and sipping so others won't infiltrate

_d0thack_ 304 days ago
Lipton green tea does the trick man.

Vince 304 days ago

_d0thack_ 304 days ago
We put on Fury Road instead. f*cking love this flick.

carveyournamein 304 days ago
Hell yes dude. Addiction is tough.

carveyournamein 304 days ago
Just eat popcorn.

_d0thack_ 304 days ago
My vice is candy. Box of Mike and Ike's for me.

Inkongudunk 304 days ago
I think giving up alcohol triggers aa sweet tooth because the alcohol metabolizes to sugar so it's some small comfort

ej 304 days ago
Trind go get hit by a moped you f*cking nobody

evil_hero 304 days ago
get it d0ttie. i didnt drink for a solid 5 years. it was easy after the first few months

_steelpanda_ 304 days ago
Hell yeah homie! Imma send you a pic for congratulations!

_steelpanda_ 304 days ago
Check phone

_d0thack_ 304 days ago
Lol Nice pic. And yeah celine you are 100 percent right. I've consumed more candy then ever in the last 2 months