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Thursday Playlist

_d0thack_ 309 days ago
Bathory - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark Kalmah - Swamplord Labyrinth - Return To Heaven Denied Archspire - Relentless Mutation Mastodon '- Crack The Skye Sleep - Dopesmoker Vital Remains - Dechristianize Happy Thursday 😊

Gabaghoulio 309 days ago
Sleep - The Sciences Haunt - Burst Into Flames Idle Hands/Unto Others - Mana

webmaster 309 days ago
uh... i should probably play some music

simon_belmont 309 days ago
New Cave In currently playing

Barbara 309 days ago
Snuffed on Sight heheh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH7S6l4i62M

_steelpanda_ 309 days ago
Nordjevel Tsjudr Pale Chalice

RAGINGFUCKMAN 309 days ago
im listening to merauder and then im gonna listen to the postal service what about it

evil_hero 309 days ago
dechristianize is one of my favorite albums

easyhateoven 309 days ago
simon_belmont 1 hour ago New Cave In currently playing same, up next.... new SPICE

easyhateoven 309 days ago
the new spice album blows, back to cave in. this album is so good--a lot better than final transmission

foulmouth 309 days ago
Carcass - Surgical Steel Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops Beneath - Ephemeris Iron Monkey - 9-13 Botch - American Nervoso Faceless - Planetary Duality Cathedral -The Carnival Bizarre

butlerianjihad 309 days ago
horse the band-beautiful songs by men the stereo-three hundred

easyhateoven 309 days ago
good list, foul

foulmouth 309 days ago
I gotta get on that new Cave In

simon_belmont 309 days ago
It's mighty good