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_d0thack_ 308 days ago
Cool Dog Chillin' https://ibb.co/Sdn3WWL

dayman 308 days ago

vagisilcreem 308 days ago
Cdc deez nuts Also that is a cute dog

_d0thack_ 308 days ago
thanks bro. her name is lilly.

Portslob 307 days ago
I would have named that dog skunkworks

Barbara 307 days ago
Lol slob

butlerianjihad 307 days ago

RAGINGFUCKMAN 307 days ago

boredtodeath 307 days ago
Cute dog with a great name.

evil_hero 307 days ago
shoulda gone w skunkworks

iwilladapt 307 days ago
my name cute_dawg

dayman 307 days ago
i hate when people give dogs human names

_d0thack_ 307 days ago
i didn't give her that name. if i had it my way her and her brother would just be named corpse paint.

_d0thack_ 307 days ago
lilly is a fine name though dayman. quit hating.

Barbara 307 days ago
Dogs with human names are the best. Definitely better than corpse paint