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Triple Threat Rules: You vs Your Dad vs Your Grandpa, all in your prime

Who wins?

kort 47 days ago
the gorilla

kort shut up.

theocean 47 days ago
i would be dead my grandfather and father were real men who fought in wars

yeah my dad was 98% likely an active IRA man of one of the Derry or Belfast brigades. my grandpa was probably into something like that, too. adopted dad also still served in the army and adopted grandpa was infantry in WWII and saw time in Sicily but----that wasn't a crazy theater by the time he was there I guess. my other adopted grandpa was a decorated war hero during WWII. so basically maybe aside from adopted dad, but he was a college basketball player at Monmouth lol, idk, im not looking up in the odds.

ej 47 days ago
my dad in his prime was a psycho. linebacker (granted, at a d10 college) who got kicked out of college, then kicked out of the air force for knocking out a superior, did some mysterious stuff at a shady motorcycle "club", knocked out another guy at his sister's wedding for calling her a bitch, banned from my little league baseball games for being a hot head, clearly not drinking hot coffee out of that foam dunkins cup on 100 degree saturdays. was always a great "my dad could beat up your dad" candidate i'm dead

dayman 47 days ago

evil_hero 47 days ago
i would blast them both with a 357

vagisilcreem 47 days ago
my grandpa played college football back when they wore like..leather helmets. he would def win.

my grandfather used to punch out horses

use to