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About to peacock some riffs at music store in new city

_steelpanda_ 49 days ago
f*ck stairway. my, may I help you riff is Effigy of the forgotten by suffocation I'll hold my daily live crucifixion in their parking lot for a week they tell me to stop.

ej 49 days ago
why don't you not annoy the guitar center employees

ej 49 days ago
on second though, f*ck em

jimbo 49 days ago
you should do the vocals too while riffin suffo

VodkaVeins 49 days ago
ej 6 minutes ago on second though, f*ck em I used to work Helpdesk for GC. Granted, I'm sure they have a high turnover rate...at one point I had probably spoken to every GC employee in the country. 99% of them can f*ck right off.

_steelpanda_ 49 days ago
No vocals I got a face harmonica. Bob Dylan meets suffo Also it's a mom and pop store. Feel sorry if grandpa has to fix these Floyd roses systems when I'm Done with them

VodkaVeins 49 days ago
Face harmonica

dayman 49 days ago

evil_hero 49 days ago
lmao imagining a regular customer just looking for a new cable and some picks. then panda comes in half diabetic shock. mumbling incoherently he somehow straps on a dime slime and launches into his swamp harmonica suffocation cover

ej 49 days ago
"hell sir, can i help you find anything?" "you can help me find my 1994 atlanta braves starter jacket. i wore it to the world's fair expo in vienna but it got cancelled at the last minute. i had to sleep in the broom closet of the hotel cyrus with a bulgarian vagrant and a woman with who told me about a dog who taught her how to die. *knocks on wall* there should be a stud here. where are the picks?"

vagisilcreem 49 days ago
if you play suffo ill show up and do the hand chops. let's see if they can stop me.

_steelpanda_ 49 days ago
Hahahahahahahaha holy shit. I picture myself like bane with that mouth harmonica for some reason Lolololololol. Ej, yoooo wtfffffff That was amazing lol. True story to all that. We're definitely not ready for me. Pretty sure Duane Allman's ghost waited on me. Played suffocation, what I could remember of little wing. Got weird for a minute, gummies and dab pen hit. Droned an Eb minor chord for like 8 minutes, came too. Got a request for master of puppets. Smoked that bitch, all on a fender tele out of a crate practice amp. Crate distortion, is pinnacle god teir distortion.

boredtodeath 49 days ago
evil_hero 1 hour ago then panda comes in half diabetic shock. mumbling incoherently Channeling that inner Bob Dylan sound.