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Emotional cybergrind, danceviolence, hella noisy cyberviolence, new age cybergr

simon_belmont 48 days ago
I just saw a flyer where the bands were described as these things.

jimbo 48 days ago
I'm a fan of cyborg mosh

evil_hero 48 days ago
why dont active shooters ever target events such as this

Barbara 48 days ago
Hard to pull off a mass shooting when only 3 people show up

nothinlefttogive 48 days ago
Would probably be more like a passive/aggressive shooter *gets pelted with eggs*

easyhateoven 48 days ago

iwilladapt 48 days ago
"crowd killing highly encouraged"

theocean 48 days ago
is there a list of favorite bands/songs of mass shooters? i know the virginia tech shooter loved collective soul-shine

easyhateoven 48 days ago
mAriLyN MaNsoN

simon_belmont 48 days ago
Wasn't that one guy wearing a hoodie of a generic Metalcore band when he shot people up?