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You think you smoke alot of weed?

rick_tocchet 322 days ago
Check this out. https://twitter.com/modamsshe/status/1521300374912749568?t=PRK45OFKP5_oofOUIOSEWA&s=19

jimbo 322 days ago
the weed has meth in it. smh killin kids these days.

VodkaVeins 322 days ago

AnalButt 322 days ago

evil_hero 322 days ago
yeah buddy. sign me up for that "pit of doom" strain

RAGINGFUCKMAN 322 days ago
I don't think I do, I know I do. I'd see that and go back and forth in it splashin people and sayin fuk u yeehaw. that guy just cant handle the good lords bobo.

vagisilcreem 322 days ago
would have been funny if when he drove up it was a pit, but only for him and his car exploded into flames and he was all screaming and crying like a pussy.

carveyournamein 322 days ago
Lol vodka

carveyournamein 322 days ago
I mean vagisil