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The Batman

rick_tocchet 330 days ago
When did Bruce Wayne become a recluse, emo, herion junkie, Billionare that knows how to fight and kick peoples ass all while weighing 175 lbs? 5/10 movie. Boring, long winded, trying to fit 18 lbs of shit into a 3 lbs bag. Didnt give a f*ck about any of the characters because there were too many.... Shitty movie just like this review.

easyhateoven 330 days ago
The Fat Man

ej 330 days ago
Batman: born as a billionaire, parents murdered in front of him, grows up with no family and a bunch of corrupt Gotham politicians and socialites trying to rim him Rick: why this guy sad?

evil_hero 330 days ago
yeah it was sad that the diversity casting pick (catwoman) was actually the strongest actor in the movie lmaaooo the supporting cast was atrocious

ej 330 days ago
Nah, Collin Farrell and Paul Dani (what they gave him) were good. But westworld guy and Andy serkis couldn't hold a candle to Jim Gordon and Alfred

Portslob 330 days ago
That was my dark knight review

Conduit 330 days ago
Director indicating that he based his version of Batman on kurt cobain is the stupidest shit I've ever heard.

_steelpanda_ 330 days ago
those first two Batman movies are awesome, I liked the new one that had the scarecrow in it. Don't think I've seen the others? My kids love the marvel movies, I'm to much of a nerd to enjoy them, shits all wrong lol, I hate the avengers, I only really f*ck with the x men

lurkcity 330 days ago
who will play mr freeze in the character reboot?

RAGINGFUCKMAN 330 days ago
No one cares gay.

theocean 330 days ago
i liked it man

RAGINGFUCKMAN 330 days ago
It was ok but it was 3 hours and no one has the time for that.