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Remember when the govt let prisoners free cause of RONA?

rick_tocchet 358 days ago
And then the govt controlled media pretty much egged on race and anti-police riots the next Summer? That was a good plan. Bravo guys. Bravo.

simon_belmont 358 days ago
All I remember is one way aisles in the grocery store and that was glorious.

rick_tocchet 358 days ago
No that pissed me off. Because I always wander around aimlessly remembering this and that at the store.

jimbo 358 days ago
stock up on ammo and prep supplies, fellas

Zordon 358 days ago
no i forgot about corona virus until this thread

VodkaVeins 358 days ago
You can still wander aimlessly with the one-way setup...you just serpentine that shit

evil_hero 358 days ago
its too late on ammo. if you arent already set up, youre pretty much f*cked.

lurkcity 357 days ago
never been to a gun show in the south huh eh?

lurkcity 357 days ago
there is one here next weekend. if you need some.