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Buried Inside interview

By Alex
Sorry, this interview hasn't been ported to our new site yet. It will be done within the next week or two. In the meantime, you can find the interview here.


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SteamLOLer_ 10/4/2005 4:18:02 PM


Coldchain_ 10/4/2005 8:48:17 PM

Shaw yammering on about ulta-intrincate concepts of time and philosophy again. I like these guys but when I met them I felt like I was talking to a bunch of astute upper-class english professors. I never heard a single "huh?" " f*ck yeah" or even a remote "dude" from them; they just tore through the entire Webster's dictionary. And here I was expecting them to be stoners since everyone I've met from Ottawa was a pothead

ugly old guy_ 10/4/2005 9:23:04 PM

3rd post

assorted_ 10/4/2005 10:59:18 PM


Coldchain_ 10/4/2005 11:39:04 PM

What a f*cking moron you are. I never implied it was un-metal to be smart. I find 40 year old thrash metallers who still act like drunk 18 year olds to be infinitely lame. I just also found Buried Inside to be overly-intellectual in an "uh huh" *knods head repeatedly, pretending to understand* kind of way

assorted_ 10/5/2005 8:31:16 AM

then what the f*ck is the point of your comment? i think everyone "gets" that they're intelligent guys, i wouldn't expect them to be absent-minded stoners with the lyrics that album has..

Coldchain_ 10/5/2005 11:34:59 AM

Wow, still the idiot

Coldchain_ 10/5/2005 3:19:51 PM

Do you repeatedly beat your head against a brick wall to get that retarded?

FudgeYourYankeeBlueJeans_ 10/5/2005 9:32:39 PM

normally i love your interviews but this one sucked. and i dont blame it on you. they just seem terribly uninteresting. im a fan of Chronoclast and even Suspect Symmetry but they need to do something other than try to be super smart and serious

Coldchain_ 10/5/2005 9:39:44 PM

Finally! Someone who sees what I'm talking about. There's nothing wrong with being intelligent, its just not cool to be pretentious

assorted_ 10/6/2005 5:03:25 PM

let them do as they please, fgts

karl_ 10/6/2005 5:37:37 PM

its great that you have people who are so obsessed with music consumption and the internet that they have the balls to try to complain about their language of ideas theyre presenting. typical consumer whining ad nauseum about products no one will give a shit about within a 5 year span. maybe their next record can be about music as a socializing tool and its passivity in relation to symbolic time, then quit making music for whining white jerks trying to find their way into the job market.

xtroyx_ 10/10/2005 2:43:40 PM

^^^ *applauds.

vychereon_ 11/7/2005 11:20:40 PM

singer looks like jesus, for sure

Time_ 5/18/2010 11:13:46 PM

The "sunday" concept is not Christian bias. Sun-worship is the origin. Saturday is about Saturn. Silly angry bands say silly things.