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Eden Maine interview

By Alex
Sorry, this interview hasn't been ported to our new site yet. It will be done within the next week or two. In the meantime, you can find the interview here.


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caseyfuckingjones_ 8/13/2005 1:21:07 PM

first post suckers

I_AM_FUCK_ 8/13/2005 7:10:30 PM

This band brings teh r0x0r

Dave2112_ 8/14/2005 5:33:22 AM

These guys are good. Neat interview.

jarrett_ 8/14/2005 9:35:11 PM

who the f*ck is this band

yeast infection_ 8/15/2005 5:14:32 AM

well, never heard this band, or even heard OF them, but it was a good interview. I liked the discussion about the lyrics. I'll have to pick up their latest CD, if i can find it.

zampano_ 8/15/2005 6:33:41 AM

Good band. Good interview. Underoath HA

yeast infection_ 8/15/2005 4:20:35 PM

"I have a dream.....that one day religious metal bands and anti-religious metal bands can play together on the same bill, and kids can swing their arms in circles and kick each other to both sub-subgenres of music."

Chris_ 8/23/2005 5:50:01 AM

" hey ... here is something deep ... if there was no sun .... we wouldnt be alive ... f*ck god" ignorant

tafkac_ 8/24/2005 8:58:08 AM

Eden Maine are totally my favourite band at the moment, and that was before I read the lyrics properly. I'm glad someone has the courage to stand up and talk about the pernicious celebration of prejudice and ignorance that religion is in an intelligent and powerful way.

frodo_ 8/28/2005 5:44:52 PM

shit band